An exclusive screen from Jumpgate Evolution.

An exclusive screen from Jumpgate Evolution.

Codemasters is obviously very busy on its MMO games this week. As well as the European release of LOTRO: Book 7, it has released a new trailer for Jumpgate and the system specifications for the game. The trailer has shows of the combat in the game, and the universe is looking very sophisticated. If you’re looking forward to Jumpgate: Evolution, then it’s definitely worth a viewing. Codemasters has very kindly supplied us with some additional video of Jumpgate that we’ll work on cutting together and we’ll put out an exclusive video for Jumpgate: Evolution when we can. In the meantime, enjoy the exclusive screen above.

As to the system specifications, they are slightly higher than the original Jumpgate: Evolution FAQ states, having gone up from a PIII to:

Minimum Specifications:
Windows XP/Vista, Intel P4 1.4GHz or better (2GHz if using Vista), 512MB RAM (1GB if using Vista), 64MB Graphics Card, Direct X® 9.0c, Broadband connection, 2x DVD ROM Drive, 8GB free hard disk space

Recommended Specifications:
Windows XP/Vista, Dual-core Intel Pentium D, 2GB RAM, 256MB Graphics card with vertex and pixel shader capability.

As you can see though, the requirements remain modest, but it will scale up to high end machines. Hopefully this means, like LOTRO before it, that Jumpgate Evolution will be perfectly playable and acceptable on low specs PCs, without sacrificing top notch graphics for those of us with machines that can run it. Very much looking forward to getting into the beta to see more. In the meantime, while the closed beta giveaway we had has closed, you can still check out the latest MMOZine, download it for free here, for an exclusive interview with the developers of Jumpgate Evolution.