See the Future has you dress up in silly outfits.

See the Future has you dress up in silly outfits.

Jinkers, barely have I finished writing about what I thought was missing from Fable 2, when Lionhead goes and spills the beans about Fable 2: See the Future, the next DLC for Fable 2, due May for 560 MS points (£4.76 in real English monies). See the Future will feature Murgo the Trader (the one who sold you the globe at the start of Fable II) as a start point for 3 new quests.

Ghosts of the Snowglobe see you sent to rescue a village that has been trapped inside a snowglobe. The Cursed Knight quest requires you to rescue a Knight from his fate in the land beyond the dead by, er, dressing up as a Hobbe. The Colosseum is the third quest and is The Crucible on steroids basically.

The new Fable 2 DLC will feature 3 new quests.

The new Fable 2 DLC will feature 3 new quests.

Complete these and you are promised a quest that allows you a glimpse of what lies in store for the future of the heroic bloodline, which confirms my suspicion that Fable 3 will be the game to deal with The Spire storyline in full, rather than Fable II DLC.

As you’d expect, See the Future also features new unique items to buy, such as Welley’s soldier helmet, psycho Jester makeup (which sounds ace) and a new expression for you and back flip trick for your dog. There’s also new potions that can turn your dog into different breeds.

It all sounds a lot more meaty than the Knothole Island DLC that was OK and featured a few new gameplay ideas, but really little story or depth. See the Future will be available in May.

UPDATE: I meant to add this earlier, but Peter Molyneux, has apparently said that it would be a bit “rubbish” if the storyline didn’t tie into the wider storyline. It’s not clear whether this means the Spire storyline is going to get tied up through Fable 2 DLC, or whether it’s going to continue through Fable 3, which is our bet.

UPDATE: See the Future has a release date of 12th may, and will cost 560 MS points, around £4.70. The new breeds of dog that will be introduced are Dalmation, Bloodhound and Husky.

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