The new MMO from Funcom promises something very different.

The new MMO from Funcom promises something very different.

Funcom has revealed its next MMO, called The Secret World. Details so far are sparse, with just a few screens and a cinematic trailer released, though, let’s be honest, what a trailer. If the game delivers gameplay that can match (albeit not in graphical terms), the settings and surprises of the trailer, then The Secret World will be amazing.

So, what do we know? We know that Funcom has been working on the game for “years”, which should mean that the game is actually some way down the development path, rather than being vapourware as some announced MMOs turn into.

Also of note, the game announced for PC and Xbox 360. But, how many MMOs have been announced for the Xbox 360 now and never arrived? Age of Conan, from Funcom themselves for one, not to mention Champions Online (still to come), something from Turbine (probably LOTRO) and any number of cancelled ones. However, if this does come to Xbox 360, we’ll be pleased.

So, what is the game about? It’s set in the real world in present day, but where the walls between reality and supernatural are falling apart, which is how you get access to cool looking things like magical swords, one assumes. The world locations currently announced are New York, London and Seoul, but there’s not word on whether these will be accurate real world representations. Interestingly, locations will include places “from the ancient past to an apocalyptic future”, so time travel will also play a part in the game.

Funcom also says that there are “no classes or levels”. Which will make it a very different MMO then. The character creation is supposed to be flexible, but it’s not very clear how progression will be handled without levelling. I think from what I can read, that you possibly improve skills in combat by using different things, possibly a little like an advanced idea created in Dungeon Siege, where you improved by doing.

It also promises open-world play, where you can choose how to complete missions, which again would be quite different from current MMOs.

All the blurb on The Secret World is very interesting, so we can’t wait to see how the game actually realises some of these things. For more information, you can check out the official website at and check out the trailer there to see how the world is imagined (hint: click on the middle pic on the site to see the video).