I had an email asking if there are any items you can hand in to increase Reputation in Lothlorien in LOTRO, basically Rep Items. As far as I am aware, there aren’t any. There are items which you can get from quest hand ins that you can trade in Lorien, but there aren’t any that will enhance Reputation like there are in Mines of Moria. The only way I have found, so far, of gaining Reputation in LOTRO in Lorien, is to simply grind it with normal quests and repeatable quests. As I haven’t finished Book 7 yet though, I am open to being told otherwise. Having travelled through the whole of Lothlorien though, except for inside the sanctum, and talked to all the people, I don’t know where any Reputation items would be gained or handed in.

I’ll write another post about the items you can trade for in Lorien later.