Issue 30 of 360Zine for Xbox 360 gamers - click to download.

Issue 30 of 360Zine for Xbox 360 gamers - click to download.

Ah, it’s that time of week again where I have to shamelessly plug this week’s free magazine. 360Zine (Xbox 360 games) Issue 30 is out, and frankly if you’re an Xbox 360 gamer and you haven’t already clicked on the link then shame on you.

Well, if you need any convincing, above and beyond the fact it’s a professionally produced digital magazine for you to read for free, then how about a massive exclusive playtest preview of Prototype, the summer shoot ’em up coming from Activision. If you’ve ever wanted to throw an enemy at a tank, and then throw the tank at the helicopter, before bodysurfing a corpse down the road to freedom, then Prototype is for you. It has a plot that is impossible to get your head around (though thankfully we also have an exclusive interview with the developers to get some explanation) with you starting the game off dead. Crazy stuff, but lots of fun.

Then there’s hands-on with the with recently announced Rogue Warrior, from Bethesda, and Terminator Salvation, plus the latest on Bioshock 2, End of Eternity and The Secret World. To round things off, an eclectic selection of reviews with Chronicles of Riddick, Guitar Hero: Metallica and Wallace and Gromit.

You can download the issue directly, which is the best option, or if you’re the impatient type, read it online. Either way, your free mag is a single click away.