The next Tony Hawk games comes with this peripheral.

The next Tony Hawk games comes with this peripheral.

As we all knew, because Activision pretty much told us, the new Tony Hawk game is going to come with its own peripheral. The success of the Wii Fit board, together with the increased competition ftom Skate and even the likes of Shaun White, has obviously made Activision decide that something completely new was in order.Now, having spent last night drunkly roaring into Guitar Hero World Tour while some mates smacked on the drum kit and played guitar and bass, which I tried to make up for this afternoon by using the Wii Fit, I’m prepared to believe that we, as gamers, are ready for games that use different control mechanisms from controllers.

However, before the confirmation of the Tony Hawk board, I’d chatted with a developer from a different publisher about the likelihood of the board controller, and was told that they didn’t think it would work. Apparently, Tony Hawk had previously shipped in the UK with a skateboard peripheral, available exclusively at the GAME store, and it had not done well.

I think several things have changed though: 1) this won’t just be a controller fitted into a board, so the board interprets the movements on the board and maps them to a button press (which must have been how the previous peripheral worked, I assume, as it sounds like it wasn’t official and was just an option – as I say, I never saw this thing, but I have to assume this is how it worked). This will be a game created from the ground up for the peripheral – there is no way to play it without the board. b) Guitar Hero, Rock Band and Wii Fit show people are prepared to pay for an use these types of game now. The Wii has changed the gaming landscape in this, maybe?

We get a hands-on, or rather feet-on, with the Ride game at E3 next month. Until then, there’s little detail on the game, except that the man himself, Tony hawk, twittered that he’d seen the game and liked it, and had been involved with it for while, but gagged.

It’s been worked on for two years by developer RoboModo, as the original series creator Neversoft now does Guitar Hero. The game will be out this Autumn, and Tony (can we call him that?) reckons anyone can ride the board, and that the graphics offer a “stylised reality”.