Alan Wake about to step aboard a cable car

I don’t know about you, but I have been waiting for something on Alan Wake ever since I first bought my 360, which was probably autumn 2006. It has featured in all my many most-wanted lists and pretty much all I had to go on was a video and the idea that we’re getting an open world horror game. June 1st was when Microsoft finally gave us what we wanted. In a press event that was full of outstanding games the guys from Remedy stood on stage and showed us what we’d been waiting for.

Not only did we see both of the previously released trailers but we saw several minutes of actual gameplay and I am left wanting more. You can download a decent portion of the level they showed on your 360, which nestles amongst a plethora of other E3 videos. The game appears to be somewhere between Resident Evil and Silent Hill with a story straight out a Stephen King novel.

From what I can tell of the story, Alan moves to a Bright Falls to try and revitalise his writing career and then strange stuff starts to happen, which may just be a his imagination coming to life. The gameplay on show featured our hero searching for someone called Rusty and it seems that Alan’s manuscript is on the loose releasinf  all manner of nasty creatures. Light obviously plays an important part in the game as both a method of lighting the dark and holding the enemies at bay. The demo climaxed with Alan apparently being pushed off of a cliff by a mechanical digger. I am eager to find out what happens next and we don’t have that long to wait (relatively). You will be playing Alan Wake in early 2010.

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