Lumberjacks aren't that exciting, but you haven't seen anything yet.

Lumberjacks aren't that exciting, but you haven't seen anything yet.

Alright, so last year a little DS game was revealed. You may have heard of it, you may not have. It doesn’t matter either way, because you’re hearing about it now. That game is Scribblenauts, and from what I’ve seen this game could radically change things forever.


You see that little picture? Well, chances are good that whoever took that screenshot summoned the lumberjack. How? Thanks to the creator’s (5th Cell) newly designed game engine which basically allows any number of things to be created. Why would he summon a lumberjack though? Well it looks like he wanted some trees cut down.

The guy on the left is Maxwell, and the point of the game is to use whatever you can think of to reach the star. Your solution can be as simple as making a ladder, or as complex as breaking through a police barrier riding a velociraptor whom you guide using a piece of meat tied to the end of a string.

So now on to the interesting bit. While searcing through the video wasteland that is Youtube, I came across a five star video of Scribblenauts that I had never seen before. I had almost forgotten of this game, which is surprising considering it was one of the reasons why I bought a DSi. My guess is that 5th Cell set up this booth at E3 where people could just come in and test the limits of the system. In the video you will see what a formidable foe the Kraken is, the one person they try that just doesn’t work (but probably will by the time the game is out), and the one thing Einstien is truly afraid of.

If there’s one game released this year that’s truly a reason to own the DS, it may be surprisingly Zelda and Mario-less. Well, unless of course you summon them to cut down some grass or to take care of some turtles. Scribblenauts doesn’t have a set release date yet, but look for it later this year on the one and only Nintendo DS.

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