Alex looking mean and moody - bub

Alex looking mean and moody - bub

My handy guide to what to expect next Friday at your local video game store/ supermarket.

Another wallet busting week for you all, with big releases from Activision, Sega and EA. Nintendo’s Wii Motion Plus add on is also finally released over a month before Wii Sports Resort.

Prototype (360, PS3 & PC). Possibly the biggest release of the week is Radical Entertainment’s free roaming super powered InFamous beater. This game looks to have borrowed a few mechanics and ideas from the developer’s previous game:  The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. This time the character is all their own creation and so they have the freedom to show some creative flair. Early review scores certainly suggest a game worth checking out.

The Conduit (Wii). In some respects this game is a hugely important release for the Wii, Sega and High Voltage Software. It is another of the few hard-core games for the Wii and Sega’s 3rd attempt at making money on mature games on the console. If released on the 360, it would probably disappear without notice. On Nintendo’s console, it has a chance to make a name for itself and the developer.

Indiana Jones & the Staff of Kings (Wii, DS, PS2 & PSP). This is an interesting proposition for Wii owners as it also contains a port of the ancient Lucasarts adventure: Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. Critics haven’t been overflowing in previews so it remains to be seen whether the main game is a worthy purchase.

EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis (Wii). One of the first games to support Wii Motion Plus and the first tennis game to feature Wimbledon. For more information on this intriguing  game download our free magazine.

Guitar Hero Metallica (PS2). Already out on other platforms, PS2 owners will get a chance to sample this rather brilliant entry in the franchise.

Secrect Agent Clank (PS2). The PSP game was released to reasonable reviews last year and as with most PSP games, it’s now on PS2.

Wipout Pulse (PS2). Another conversion of a PSP game and the releases for PS2 just keep coming.

Pick of the Week

Prototype. Its a tough choice between EA’s tennis game and Prototype, but in the end I am going to go with Prototype as I haven’t seen any reviews of Grand Slam Tennis.

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