Who you gonna call?

Who you gonna call?

Not quite such a massive week, but it’s still going to hurt my wallet. There’s a Rock Band vs Guitar Hero tussle, which won’t be the last one we see this year.

Ghostbusters (PS3 & PS2). A sony exclusive until the autumn due to SCE picking up publishing duties in the Europe. I really didn’t expect this to be any good, but I haven’t yet seen a review yet that hasn’t praised this game for getting the licence right.

Rock Band Unplugged (PSP). Plastic peripheral free fun from Harmonix which has a bunch of master tracks and promises the first regular DLC releases for Sony’s platform. Another step into the digital distribution¬† model for PSP.

Guitar Hero Greatest Hits (PS3, 360 & Wii). Part of me thinks shamless cash in from Activision and part of me think genius. The latest Guitar Hero game features tracks from the first 3 games, which is the first time most of them have been available for current gen consoles. Not only that, but they are now all master tracks and playable by a full band. Given that, I’m willing to cut the big A some slack and add it to my shopping basket. For a hands on preview check out the latest issue of 360zine

Virtua Tennis 2009 (Wii). Sega’s update of this popular tennis game is available in 4 different versions for Wii: just the game, game with some tennis racket add-ons, the game with Wii Motion Plus and finally game with Wii Motion Plus and the plastic rackets. Phew – I pity the poor retailer that has to find shelf space for that lot.

Rygar: Battle of Argus (Wii). This is a port of a PS2 game that was released in the States about 8 months ago and it wasn’t much to shout about back then. it’s surprising that they have finally decided to give Europe a chance to ignore it.

MySims Racing (Wii & DS). I assume this is a kart racer using the MySims characters. Yawn.

Hail to the Chimp (PS3 & 360). Another game that’s been out for ages across the Atlantic and another one that we could have just as easily avoided.

Pick of the Week

It’s a fairly easy this week to pick Ghostbusters above a Guitar Hero remake and a tennis game that isn’t as good as EA’s effort last week.