Can we afford to continue to support this franchise?

Can we afford to continue to support this franchise?

Whilst doing my regular trawl of upcoming releases I noticed something a little disturbing about the UK pricing of Modern Warfare 2. The RRP on a number of sites lists it at £54.99 or just over $80 for American readers.

This could be a mistake or it could be something a little more sinister . Perhaps Activision thinks that it will sell regardless of price. Every time they sell a million of their map packs one of their execs thinks, “I wonder how much we could charge for this stuff?” If this turns out to be true, I really hope that it hits Activision’s sales hard, so that it doesn’t set a precedent.

Regardless of whether this is a mistake or a genuinely cynical move from the big A, the real story here is irony. Last week Bobby Kotick publicly said that if Sony didn’t drop their prices they would stop developing for PS3. I urge everyone to send a message to the Mr K – unless you drop the prices of your killer franchises, we might have to stop supporting you next year. You can’t punish the consumer because console makers won’t play ball.

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