Sony’s European Blog outlines enhanced Trophy support as elsewhere on the web the major changes coming in firmware 3.0 are discussed.

When the PS3 launched it was obvious that Sony didn’t get Microsoft’s Achievement system or understand that most people that play Xbox 360 games really do “get” Achievements.

Sony are giving European gamers the chance to advertise their gaming prowess.

Over a year into the PS3’s life Sony finally gave us their equivalent of Microsoft’s much loved skill measuring system when they launched Playstation Trophies. This was at the same time as Home was being hyped;  apparently what we really wanted to do was take our friends to our virtual homes and show them our virtual silverware. That functionality hasn’t ever materialised and what we do have is still a little way behind  Achievements, which allow easy comparison with your friends. The ability to line all of your friends up and feel good about your Gamerscore compared to their score is surely the only reason to play through Lego Batman and collect everyone of those daft red bricks.

To very quickly compare and contrast the two systems.

Microsoft award you up to 1000 points per retail release, broken down into a maximum of 50 Achievements. The Achievements of all of the games you play are added together to give your Gamerscore. This is displayed against your avatar and viewable on 360 or your web browser. The more anal amongst us can then easily compare whether our friends have the kill 5 with a knife Achievement on RE5.

Sony system gives you a number of Trophies per retail release, spread amongst Bronze, Silver, Gold with one Platinum available if you collect all of the other trophies. The differently hued trophies then add up to your level. I’m not sure how many points each colour is worth, but I have 94 bronze, 8 silver, 1 gold and no platinum trophies and this means I am Level 4 and 45% of the way to Level 5.  You can then compare your level with your friends and delve into which trophies each of you have.

Up till now, you couldn’t see this fascinating information on the web, but as reported in Sony’s EU blog, now you can. Not only can you see all of your trophies:

All my lovely trophies

All my lovely trophies

You can easily compare them with your friends:

How are my friends doing?

How are my friends doing?

I guess I still prefer to just say that I have a Gamerscore of 20,000 rather than I am level 4 (not just because one is respectable and the other is embarrassing), but at least Sony are trying. With the firmware 3.0 promising a seismic change in the interface, perhaps Sony will catch up and even perhaps overtake Live.