Day 3 of 3 of our Tales of Monkey Island interview with Tales of Monkey Island designer, Mike Stemmle. Look out for the whole thing in one place in tomorrow’s PlayZine, complete with the latest screens including a few exclusive ones that Telltale did just for us. Oh yes.

Point and click, just like one of our free digital magazines, really.

Point and click, just like one of our free digital magazines, really.

GamerZines: The plot clearly has Elaine kidnapped by LeChuck (something of a common theme for Monkey Island) – what else can you tell us about the plot?

Mike Stemmle: Well, the bit with Elaine tied up by LeChuck is really only in our thrilling prologue, which we like to think of as the climax of the never-built “Monkey Island 5.” After that, Guybrush has to deal with the horrifyingly unexpected consequences of eliminating his arch-nemesis, sending him on pirate-y quest to find a voodoo artefact, all the while dodging a mad scientist, a terrifying pirate hunter, and a scheme so huge and evil that it threatens the very heart of voodoo itself. But first, he’s got to get off of Flotsam Island, which will prove to be a major pain in the tuchus.

GamerZines: Monkey Island was a genius game, because it was one of the first adventures where you couldn’t actually die. We assume the same principles will apply?

Mike Stemmle: Gameplay-wise, definitely. Besides, I don’t think LucasArts would let us kill Guybrush… at least, I don’t think they would…

GamerZines: Unlike Sam & Max, the puzzles in Monkey Island have (almost) always made more sense. Were you conscious that the gameplay for Monkey Island had to be more than Sam & Max with a different graphical skin on it?

Mike Stemmle: We always strive to tailor our puzzles, stories, and overall vibe to the franchises. That said, there’s always going to be a touch of absurdity to the Monkey Island puzzles. Guybrush is a pirate who’d prefer to solve his problems like MacGuyver rather than running his enemies through with a sword. On it’s face, it’s pretty danged nonsensical.

GamerZines: Assuming that Tales of Monkey Island is a success, are you allowed by Lucasarts to produce another “season” next year, or is this a one-off reunion gig for the Threepwoods?

Mike Stemmle: We’d love to do more Monkey Island. Or maybe a big Pipe Dream adventure game.

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