Guitar Hero Greatest Hits or Smash Hits for those in North America

Guitar Hero Greatest Hits or Smash Hits for those in North America

Guitar Hero Greatest Hits is a collection of some of the best tracks from the Guitar Hero games before World Tour allowed us to play with a whole band last Autumn. For those of you that have already played those games, the fact that these are now master tracks and you can play them with a full band might make you take a second look.

Whether you view this as a shamless cash in or a worthwhile addition might depend on whether you have played these before or indeed how fatigued you are with the endless onslaught of the Guitar Hero franchise. We’ve already had a Metallica spin off and later this year will see Van Halen, Guitar Hero 5 and the more pop oriented Band Hero hitting stores. What can this rehash of previous games offer?

As someone that didn’t play the original Guitar Hero and also someone that’s still regularly playing Rock Band I feel there is some merit in this collection. 48 tracks would cost you over 7000 MS Points if bought via the online store and there’s 2000 Achievement Points up for grabs.

If you’ve played World Tour or Metallica then presentationally this is exactly the same with pretty much the same feature set. I haven’t compared the games side by side, but you’re essentially getting World Tour with new songs. That means you get the usual single player and multi player modes, including online multiplayer. You also get their studio music creation tool. What I haven’t checked is whether you can play your World Tour DLC, but if I know Activision I would guess not.

In terms of difficulty it follows the trend set since Guitar Hero III and it’s now definitely pitched below Rock Band and I found no problems playing on hard guitar.

I bought this game because of the strength of the set list, but looking at them now I wonder what I was thinking. The standout tracks for me are: Monkey Wrench – Foo Fighters, The Trooper – Iron Maiden, Stop! – Jane’s Addiction, No One Knows – Queens of the Stone Age, Killing in the Name – Rage Against the Machine, and Raining Blood – Slayer.

If you like the setlist and or just want more then its worth the investment, but I can easily see long time fans of the series giving this one a miss.

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