The best shooter yet on Wii?

The best shooter yet on Wii?

Let’s not beat around the bush, unless you’re after a Wii FPS, July is going to be pretty barren. I’m looking on the bright side though, as I stick it to my backlog. What will you use July for?

The Conduit (Wii). Some people would have you believe that this is the second coming. In reality its a shooter that would sink into obscurity on 360, but for FPS starved Wii owners its worth a shout.

Pro Cycling Manager 2009 (PSP & PC). With the Tour de France starting this week the annual update of this okay (better on PC) cycling game. I personally had fun with the 2008 edition on PSP, but that’s only due to my love of cycling.

Oblivion and Bioshock Double Pack (360 & PC). Take 2 have decided that you deserve two old classics at a very reasonable price.

Guitar Hero World Tour (PC). The PC version of a last year’s second best guitar game is finally released. I’m not sure it feels quite the same stood in front of your laptop barking at the moon.

Pick of the Week

Slim pickings indeed, so the nod goes to The Conduit, but even I will be waiting for the inevitable price reduction.