One reason why October is great.

One reason why October is great.

Well, that’s actually a stupid question. I know what’s great about October and November, but only because game developers have made it great. I want to know what’s so great about October and November that publishers feel all great triple A titles must come out in those two months. I understand the holiday season, but I also understand that the gift giving holiday’s are all in December. Unless people are going to go out and buy Halloween or Thanksgiving Day presents.

In October we have four titles coming out that I, along with many other people, have at least a passing interest in checking out. If all of these games are top notch, then that’s about 200 big ones down the drain. How’s about we have a look at the reasons why we will all be broke come this holiday season. 

That list is topped by the Tim Schafer heavy metal brainchild Brutal Legend. It’s got his trademarked humor and a vast world where every screenshot could be the cover of a heavy metal album. Look forward to many cameos too from the world of metal including the lord of darkness hisself, Ozzie Osbourne. 

If you currently have no interest in playing Brutal Legend, I recommend you check out the video below, and beg forgiveness from the gods of metal.


Favorite Quote: “What do you do with a bunch of kids who don’t know how to do anything but bang their heads all day long?”


Second on the list of must have games for what will heretofore be known as Rocktober, in honor of Brutal Legend, would be Borderlands. Most of you will know Borderlands as ‘that game with all those guns”. Good news, where it was originally 500,000 guns, it turns out they’ve lost count. How is it possible you ask? Well all the creators had to do was create a set of rules, and the game will figure out the rest, creating weapons on the fly.

When you think Borderlands, the creators want you to think Halo, Diablo, and World of Warcraft. Awesome gunplay with tons of loot. Oh, and there’s also grenades that are pretty sweet. Grenades that spawn grenades, grenades that heal teammates, grenades that explode with acid. Back to the guns for a second, your bullets will be able to heal your teammates and be coated in acid as well. During one gameplay video, I even saw an electric powered rifle with a six shooter style  chamber. Oh, plus 4 player online and 2 player splitscreen Co-Op. Check out the interview below for more.


Favorite Quote: We’ve got basic grenades, grenades that bounce, grenades that stick, grenades that light stuff on fire, grenades that turn into other grenades, grenades that spawn grenades, grenades that actually give health back…


Second to last on the list is Dragon Age: Origins, the upcoming action RPG by the minds behind the Baldur’s Gate series, and Mass Effect. Yes, it’s BioWare. This is an RPG for the purists out there, with turn based combat and awesome spells. An epic storyline will surely be a major draw, and multiple classes add to the “want” factor. Many of the console owners out there will likely pass this one over, but I’d reccommend at least giving it a look, like I said, it’s by the guys who made Mass Effect, and they’re being nice enough to let those of us who don’t own a gaming calibre PC have a go at it.



Finally, we reach the end of Rocktober. This final game goes by the name of Alpha Protocol, and if you ask me it hasen’t gotten near the amount of buzz that it should be. Have you ever want to play a Bourne or Bond game that wasn’t a watered down experience? What if that game allowed for tons of RPG style customization? Now then, there is a reason why Alpha Protocol is at the back end of Rocktober’s hypefest, and that’s because we haven’t seen all that much gameplay. Previews from the big name sites have been reserved to say the least, watch the trailer though, and please do forgive me for it’s… low lighting.



So there you have it, four big name games coming out in Rocktober. Two of which should be on the must buy list of almost every gamer in the world, but keep in mind, this feature isn’t just about Rocktober, it’s also about November. Because you see, the month following will truly be a month to be reckoned with. I will say right here, right now, that there are 4 must buy games in November, compared to the two in Rocktober. If you aren’t that good at math, that totals up to £300, or $360 USD in just 2 months. I think it’s time that these developers stop getting off the bus at the same time, otherwise we all may end up even more broke than we already are.

Tune in next Friday to find out what’s so great about November. 

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