To be honest with you I’ve spent much more than hour with this game. There are many good reasons for this and some bad.

Tanks and planes are just some of the ways to inflict death

Tanks and planes are just some of the ways to inflict death

As most people are aware, EA had considerable technical difficulties with this game and more specifcially with accomodating the large number of players wanting to get on their servers. I’ve been playing the 360 version and for at least the first few days it was very difficult to actually get into a game. Whilst EA acknolwdged this and apologised, it was a really bad way to start for a game that had no value unless you can get online.

For those that don’t know, Battlefield 1943 is a sequel to the 1942 game that was a huge hit when people were still playing on LANs. The new game is console only and is a pretty bite sized slice piece of the Battlefield gameplay.

In this game you play as either the Americans or the Japanese and you fight over three maps called Iwo Jima, Wake Island and Guadalcanal. Whichever side you choose, you play as one of three classes: a rifleman who also has a grenade launcher, a submachine gunner that can make use of a bazooka and lastly a sniper with satchel charges.

The game basically comes down to capturing areas of the map and scoring points as you do sowith two teams of up to 12 fighting it out. In addition to the classes there are also tanks, jeeps, planes and boats to control as you attempt to take back that flag.

Technically the game looks and sounds good as you would expect as it’s built on the Frostbite engine from Bad Company. That also means that buildings trees and to some extent the landscape is destructible, meaning your options for hiding are pretty limited. Hardened bunkers do allow some respite until you’re sniped or a grenade comes through the door.

This all adds to a game that is enormous fun and very rewarding as you vary your tactics from sniping to full frontal charges. The vehicles are fun to drive in the main, but I am having all sorts of problems controlling the planes as they fly very differently than in Battlestations: Pacific, which I’m also playing at the moment.

After each battle, you do rank up, but this only gives you bragging rights as there are no perks or weapons to unlock. Given that and the relative ease of the Achievements, I imagine that this will be a fairly short lived joy. Extra downloadable maps will add longevity, but at additional cost.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with my 1500 Point purchase.