Exploding onto 360 this summer

You might think its a getting a little silly with my comments on games going from playing the first hour to just a few minutes, but I want to give this great looking game a shout out.

This game is from the guys that brought us The Maw a few months ago. Although I didn’t really like that game, the critics gave pretty positive reviews and that was enough for Twisted Pixel to release some new downloadable levels. A oretty positive start for this new studio has allowed them to release something a little more substantive.

‘Sposion Man is the first of the Summer of Arcade titles from Microsoft and is an 800 Point introduction into some great looking titles. Dylan has already posted on the complete line up, so go there to see what to expect over the next 5 weeks. To be honest, Microsoft could have started their Summer promotion a couple of weeks ago with Battlefield 1943 or last week with The Secret of Monkey Island, both of which are high marks in another great year for XBLA.

To be honest I’m not sure about the story behind the game, except that you have been caught in some hideous experiment gone wrong. This has resulted in you being made of living explosive material and this inevitabley leads to a side scrolling 2.5D platfomer! Well doesn’t it always?

Graphics are really good and capture the summery fun experience that we all want before we have to return the grittiness of space marine brown this winter.

Controls are pretty simple with every face button making your guy ‘splode. Each explosion causes you to fly through the air, so this becomes your jump and you can chain 3 splosions together before you need to recharge. The real skill comes from chaining explosions with wall jumps and if you interact with an exploding barrels you get an extra bang which can make the difference between making that gap and falling in a heap. As a pure platformer, you rely on this mechanic and some twitch timing to traverse the levels which go vertically as well as horizontally. This game gave me that genuine Portal moment when you finally conceive a perfectly timed set of jumps with some lateral thinking to make that ledge.

With simple controls, nice visuals, clever puzzles and a nice price this is a winner. Make sure you download the demo, which gives you the first few levels to play and lets keep your Achievements when you buy the full game.

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