borderlandsYeah, we’ve all heard about Borderlands insane amount of guns. Okay, okay, it’s only like 500,000. Right? Well, about a month ago it was revealed that the amount of guns had increased to 650,000. Insane right?

Well get a load of this. A keen eye over at MTV Multiplayer got a hands on preview with the game, and Randy Pitchford (president/ founder of Gearbox) decided there was a gun that he just had to show everyone present.

In order to do so however, Pitchford was forced to enter the debug menu where he could set a few parameters. Evidently he ended up settling on a rocket launcher with a description of “Holy S**t It Shoots Rockets”. Yeah, that’s all fine and dandy.

Apparently the debug menu served another very important feature that only the keenest of eyes could spot. For each gun category (i.e. Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Pistol ect.) there were statistics for all of the different combinations (color and damage effects like flame and lightning). At the very top of the list was a total of guns if you were to add all of them up. That number will be revealed below.

Just a moment. Deep breath.

Trust me, it’s a lot more than you think it’ll be.

Okay, here it goes.

Right here.

3,166,880. Yup, that’s approximately 6.3 times the original (conservative) estimate. Think about that. Some quick math reveals that in order to use every single gun you would need to play for over 6 years collection 1 gun per minute. This number could still go higher. Add a new effect and that statistic could jump up by another 100,000. Or another million, I don’t know. Rest assured though, if you want a specific gun. A gun so ludicrously outrageous that no sane person in real life would create such a weapon. Chances are it’s in this game. The only problem is finding it.

Look for Borderlands October 20th this year.

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