Get ready for a beautiful and mind bending game
Get ready for a beautiful and mind bending game

Last year Xbox owners, and more specifically Xbox owners with an internet connnection, were treated to one of the most critically lauded games of the year. In fact, it still holds spot number 8 on Metacritics list of the best Xbox 360 games with a score of 93.

I remember playing this game and along the way thinking it was beautiful, fun, and most of all that it was something that I had never played before. Something truly different. Despite all of that though, I still wasn’t sure why it was being so well regarded. Until I reached the last level however. While the story has likely been told to you in one way or another, I won’t spoil it here. Needless to say, the last level was enourmously well crafted and worthy of much praise and the price of admission alone.
Some may see this as the Xbox losing one of its seminal games, but I choose to see it as a truly great game finding it’s way into the hands of thousands of new players. Everyone should be able to play to Braid, as I would be so bold as to say it is a near perfect game.
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