The Plague of Video Games. A Fun Plague, But A Plague Nonetheless.

The Plague of Video Games. A Fun Plague, But A Plague Nonetheless.

Everyone knows that Call of Duty isn’t a name to be taken lightly. Analysts have been repeatedly quoted as saying that Modern Warfare 2 could end up being the most successful game of all time (until Modern Warfare 2 of course). That’s not at all surprising given the success of the first Modern Warfare title, and Infinity Ward’s tremendous showing at E3 this year.

Of course, it strikes me as a bit suspicious that after E3 showcased so many great games slated for a 2009 release, we are now stuck with significantly fewer games than originally anticipated. Don’t get me wrong, what we have is great. Brutal Legend, Borderlands, Assassin’s Creed 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Halo: ODST and of course the juggernaut that is and will be Modern Warfare 2.

As of right now, at least one game’s delay can be attributed to Modern Warfare 2, Singularity, a time-bending shooter set in a derelict former Soviet base was delayed to next year, and a spokesperson for Activision was not afraid to say why:

the level of excitement for Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2 coming out of E3 well exceeded our expectations and therefore we have decided to move [developer] Raven’s upcoming sci-fi first person action title.

A keen eye may realize that Activision is the big publsher backing Infinity Ward, and vicariously Modern Warfare 2. It stands to reason that they wouldn’t make it a secret that Modern Warfare 2 is the big reason for pushing back Singularity, but what about other games. Bioshock 2 being an obvious FPS choice, the official reason was something along the lines of wanting to polish the game more. A somewhat stinted E3 reaction coupled with universal acclaim for MW2 could bring to light another reason.

Of course, this is for the most pure speculation. One game delay can be directly traced to MW 2, but that doesn’t mean any other games were delayed for the same reason. Plus, we should be glad that so many games are being pushed backed regardless of why, because now they will get more polish and will likely be better for it. Not to mention we can all breath a little easier knowing our wallets won’t be as dry as previously thought.

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