Valve Hasn't Forgotten About You
Valve Hasn’t Forgotten About You

We got some DLC earlier this year for Left 4 Dead, but to be honest it was a little lackluster. We wanted a new campaign, maybe two. The Survival mode was fun, yes, but it wasn’t everything we wanted. Well, it’s time to put down your petitions because here it is. 

Not much other than this cryptic poster has been revealed. The DLC will be made available free of charge to PC gamers, while Xbox owners will have to pay 540 mp for the pack. If I were to hazard a guess I’d say this is a direct tie-in to the first campaign where the four are air lifted off the roof of a hospital via helicopter.
Expect to see it this September, along with some achievements, and maybe a couple more “Survival” mode levels thrown in for good measure.