3 GTA's for less than the price of 1

3 GTA's for less than the price of 1

Whilst Microsoft have their Summer of Arcade, the retailers are experiencing their summer of not much being released. I’m not sure it’s any worse than last year, but it sure feels like it.

  • Ashes Cricket (360, PS3, Wii & PC). For those interested in this that own a 360, you can download a demo from Live. For everyone else, they will have to rely on non-existent reviewsto determine whether this is a worthwhile investment.
  • Active Health with Carol Vorderman (DS). If you don’t have enough Vorderman in your life then she is back and this time telling you about health matters. Thanks for that.

  • Aliens in the Attic (DS & Wii). A movie game based on a kids movie about aliens that inhabit the attic.
  • City Life (DS). A DS version of a PC game that simulates creating a city. Expect a simplified version of the game that scored 76 on Metacritic when released on PC.
  • Clever Kids: Farmyard Fun (Wii). Mini games that teach you something about the farmyard.
  • Clever Kids: Pirates (Wii). Mini games that teach you something about Pirates.
  • Diabolik (PSP). The PSP version of a comic book character’s 3rd person action adventure.
  • GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra (360, PS2, Wii, DS). The film looks dreadful so I’m not hopeful about the game.
  • Grand Theft Auto Triple Pack (PS2). If anyone doesn’t have the 3 original PS2 GTA III games, then they need to buy this. I’m guessing that’s not many people though, but Take 2 need to do something to try and get some revenue now that all their big games are delayed to 2010.
  • Horrible Histories: Ruthless Romans (DS, Wii & PC). The game of the well loved book.
  • Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis (PS2). According to Wikipedia, this is a spiritual follow up to the Atelier Iris series of role playing games. An updated PSP version has already been released in the UK, so I don’t really understand why they are releasing this 2007 vintage game.
  • Music Maker RockStar (PS2). This “game” allows you to use your guitar controller to make and record original compositions.
  • Summer Athletics 2009 (360 & Wii). Low budget athletics games seem to come out every year, so someone must be buying them. Please stop.

Pick of the Week

In a week where the highest profile release is a cricket game that hasn’t been reviewed anywhere, it’s hard to pick one. If you haven’t got the GTA games then you must buy that bundle, but for everyone else, save your money for the end of the month. That’s right, next week isn’t any better.