More than  meets the eye

More than meets the eye

I have recently discovered the joy of Horde mode for Gears of War 2, which has been totally rejuvinated since Epic allowed experience points to be earned in this mode as well as the other multi player modes.

I’ve played through the original Gears twice and perhaps spent 5 minutes with the multi player, but found the average life expectancy of 5 nano seconds a bit of a barrier to entry. When I got Gears 2 last year I played through the single player in just a few days and then consigned it to my good games pile, perhaps aiming to pick it up again some day.

Since then  I got Resident Evil 5 and because of the reviews I was determined to find a coop partner to play it with. In this mode, it is a thoroughly enjoyable experience, even if it feels very different from the fond memories of creeping round zombie infested mansions.

With that successful daliance into the world of cooperative play, I was tempted by a friend to return to Gears 2 for some horde killing. Fighting against computer opponents not only improved my chances of survival, but was also enormous fun. I’m now addicted to chasing those level upgrades hoping to pick up the multitude of Achievements that have been added with all those extra maps.

My point here is that I bought and played this game and thought I’d finished it and was pretty pleased with the number of hours per £ spent. I’ve now spent nearly as many hours playing one of the many multi player modes as I did on the single player game. How many games have I played and passed on the multi player experience? How many times do you only play the single player or even the multi player exclusively? If you’ve been playing everything on the disc for a while how do you feel when a developer only gives you a single player or a half hearted multi player game?

I am now convinced that a compelling multi player experience can lengthen the life of a game and once I’ve invested in a downloadable map or new game mode, am I really going to sell the game? Well I might but it makes it a more difficult decision.

I’m not going to go back through the games I’ve played and start playing the multi player. Everyone’s probably moved on from the vast majority of them by now even if I wanted to, but I will think about what else is on that disc the next time I start a game.