Eddie Kid I am not

Eddie Kid I am not

I’ll admit now that I am now fully committed to the Summer of Arcade and the 800 points Microsoft are going to give me back when I buy Shadow Complex next week.

The other mini-revelation was that buying MS Points from Microsoft is more expensive that buying them from my local game store.

Anyway, Trials HD is 1200 MS points and is an XBLA version of a game that’s been on PC for a while and today it hit Live.

The game puts you in the boots of a motorbike trials rider and your job is to get from the start to the finish of 2.5D courses traversing some ridiculous obstacles along the way. The other key feature of the game is the physics which affects your ability to stay with the vehicle.

Controls are pretty simple and in some way replicate riding a bike. Right trigger controls throttle, left trigger controls brake and the left stick controls how your guy weights the bike. That’s pretty much it, so you use speed and momentum to go across, up, over and sometime under obstacles.

I have currently cleared the easy levels and they aren’t that easy, but thankfully, there are multiple checkpoints along each course and restarts happen without any loading time. This means I was constantly setting myself back to the course after each head over heels moment. This feature gets used more and more as the level design gets more ludicrous with loop the loops, see saws and multiple paths giving your fingers and your brain an equally good workout.

When you’re done with that you can then design your own levels, which you can share with your friends.

First impressions leave me wanting to switch my 360 back on and give it one more go, although I suspect that the difficulty ramp might eventually knock that out of me. Well worth a download of the demo.