Batman Arkham AsylumCould Rocksteady maybe have a Batman: Arkham Asylum DLC on the way? A recent interview given by the developers suggest so. Sega are set to be working on games for Microsoft’s new motion technology Project Natal and PS3’s own unique motion controller. GAME have managed to get the exclusive right to distribute the Uncharted 2 Special Edition, which has all manner of goodies included for the user when purchased. Developers Gaijin Games have revealed that BIT.TRIP VOID will be coming soon to WiiWare, which will be the third instalment in the popular series. We have two new trailers on our site for the Wii’s new zombie killer, Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles, which fans of the shoot-em-up will enjoy. The next DLC for Grand Theft Auto IV will be called ‘Ballad of Gay Tony’ and it looks to include two new vehicles for gamers to use.