Click on the cover to download this issue of PCGZine for free.

Click on the cover to download this issue of PCGZine for free.

You can download the new issue of PCGZine for free. Which this month is jam packed full of exclusives goodness which you really won’t want to miss! In our first exclusive we talk with Art Director Chris Lichtner and Lead Technical Artist Julian Love about their upcoming release Diablo III, in which they spill the beans on all the new features and changes made to this latest instalment in the popular RPG series.

We also have an exclusive online review for the new game by developers Piranha Bytes, Risen looks to have all the ingredients needed to be a very entertaining RPG, with its stunning visuals and engaging gameplay, but will it have enough to impress our reviewers? There’s also a preview and exclusive screens for Russia’s massive fantasy MMO, Allods Online. By developers Astrum Nival this highly anticipated MMO will be heading to our shores very soon.

Plus we review Batman Arkham Asylum, Section 8, Need For Speed: Shift, Majesty 2 and Champions Online. As well as previews for Rage, Tropico 3, Carrier Command and Football Manager 2010. And if that’s not enough we have an exclusive competition for Risen in which you can win a copy of the game and a shiny new graphics card for your PC.

You can download the magazine now and read it whenever you choose, which we would recommend doing because it will look a lot better or if you prefer you can read the magazine directly in your browser.