Click on the cover to download this issue of 360Zine for free.

Click on the cover to download this issue of 360Zine for free.

You can download the new issue of 360Zine for free. In this months issue we have hands-on previews for three of the biggest games this year, that will all be vying for top spot this Christmas. First up we look at Assassins Creed II the eagerly sought after sequel set around new Italian assassin Ezio. Next up is another sequel, to probably one of the most popular games released in recent times Modern Warfare 2. And lastly we take a look at DJ Hero , the new game from Activision that will release the inner DJ in you.

At GamerZines we like our exclusive interviews and in this issue we talk with highly acclaimed Lead Director Tim Schafer, the man behind such classic games as Grim Fandango, PsychoNauts and Full Throttle. About his upcoming title Brutal Legend, and one thing about his new action game that you can definitely say is that its highly original and  er very unique! As you play in a Heavy Metal inspired fantasy world in which roadie Eddie Riggs is on a mission to save the world with a little help from some famous rock legends, a demon-slaying guitar and a his beast of a hotrod!

And if your curious to know what else we’ve packed into this months issue then read on as we have first looks at arcade racer- Blur, the new skate boarding game – Tony Hawk: RIDE and the very brutal hack’n’slash – Fairytale Fights. Plus we have a preview for the GTA DLC – Ballad of Gay Tony and full reviews for racing sim – Need For Speed: Shift, the new RPG – Risen and the highly anticipated Halo 3: ODST.

You can download the magazine now and read it whenever you choose, which we would recommend doing because it will look a lot better or if you prefer you can read the magazine directly in your browser.