Massive Modern Warfare 2 Review!

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You can download the new issue of PCGZine for free. The biggest game of the year is finally out and we’ve reviewed and rated it inside! Modern Warfare 2 has been highly anticipated with pre-sales going through the roof over the last few months but can this juggernaut of a game live up to all our high expectations? Find out now by reading our full and in-depth review of the game as we cover all the new features, gameplay and missions.

We also review some other huge titles that are out this month beginning with Dragon Age: Origins the new RPG by famed developers BioWare. This new adventure is massive with lots of detail and brutal content for you to immerse yourself in. Find out what we thought of the game inside this months issue.

There’s also an exclusive interview with Rebellion the developers of Alien vs Predator. In which we discuss with them everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the sci-fi game due out next year. To go along with the interview we also have a 3 page preview of the game to give you even more information regarding the new title.

Plus that’s not all as we’ve also got first looks at Star Trek Online, Metro 2033 and a preview for Left 4 dead 2. There’s also reviews for Borderlands, Football Manager 10 and Lost Horizon. And exclusively in this issue we have a competition for the upcoming MMO Allods Online in which you can win some beta keys for when the fantasy adventure begins. 

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