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You can download the new issue of 360Zine for free. Inside this months issue we have an exclusive hands-on preview for BioWare’s much sought after space sequel Mass Effect 2, featuring the much admired Commander Shepard who’s always up for saving the universe. With this huge title not due out until next year we’ve had a chance to play a small snippet of the game, you can find out what our first impressions were from what we’ve seen and played so far and also get a little taste of what to expect from this massive new sci-fi adventure by reading the full preview now.

Assassin’s Creed is due out tomorrow and we have an in-depth review of the game for you to read before buying. Ezio’s the new assassin in town and with a few more tricks up his sleeve than Altair along with a much more cheerful demeanour, assassinating has never been so much fun, with the game moving you around Italy dispatching high-profile targets with new skill and style, find out more about this huge sequel by reading the full review now.

We’ve also got a review for easily the biggest game of the year in Modern Warfare 2 which has been grabbing the headlines for the last few months . You can read our thoughts on Activision massive new sequel and whether it delivers the action packed gaming experience we were hoping for by downloading this issue now.

Plus we’ve packed this issue to bursting point with plenty more Xbox 360 gaming news, as we have first looks at Super Street Fighter IV, Resonance of Fate and Front Mission Evolved. Along with previews for Avatar, Battlefield Bad Company 2 and EA Sports MMA. And finally there are full reviews for both Borderlands and GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony.

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