It looks as if there is a new Call of Duty game on the way with Treyarch hiring new staff members on their website for level builders. You can now get your Xbox 360 avatar a pet, there’s currently a small selection for you to choose from including the likes of parrots, goldfish and ponies. The upcoming Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will be carefully “tweaked” for the PC version to give the best possible experience according to producer Gordon Van Dyke. The highly anticipated PixelJunk Shooter will be released next Thursday on the PSN, it will be the 4th title in Q-Games popular PixelJunk series. Sony are launching a Gran Turismo 5 competition this month on the 17th, in which PS3 owners can have a chance to join Sony’s elite GT racing team. The Bayonetta Demo is now available to download off of XBLA, the game stars Bayonetta a powerful witch who’s battling against angelic demons with magic, martial arts and a rather nifty shotgun attached to her leg. You can now read our Exclusive Bad Company 2 interview with the games producer Gordon Van Dyke, which is up on our site. And if you have nine minutes to spare and you’re a fan of Aion then you may want to watch the new Aion Vision trailer which is up on our Youtube channel.