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You can download the new issue of P3Zine for free. And in this issue we have a hands-on preview for Heavy Rain the new game by developers SCEE, this upcoming title mixes a variety of genres into one game as you play as four different characters who are all looking for the notorious Origami killer. The gameplay looks to have some original and unique ways of moving around and quicktime events will be used to perform certain actions. Plus the visuals look stunning, with some highly detailed character’s and locations on show, although you can check them out for yourself by viewing our exclusive screens of the game inside. This new title is definitely one to keep an eye out for next year as it looks all set to be a huge hit of 2010

Pandemics new game The Saboteur is due out later this month, the game in which you control Sean Devine an Irishman who’s out for vengeance on the Nazis who killed his friend. This open world game will have you roaming around Paris during World War II helping the local resistance put an end to the Nazis occupying the French capital. You can read more about this game in our full review inside this months issue.

Plus we’ve also got previews for Skate 3, Dead to Rights: Retribution, Star Ocean: The Last Hope International and Just Cause 2. We also have full reviews for Modern Warfare 2, Band Hero and Fairytale Fights. And if that’s not enough we’ve also got an exclusive competition inside, in which you can win yourself a free copy of The Saboteur.

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