Final Fantasy: Crystal Bearers Review

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PlayZine Issue 36

In this months issue of PlayZine we review and rate the latest Final Fantasy instalment to arrive on the Wii, Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers. Find out what we thought of this new action-adventure game that revolves a round a young hero named Layle, a wanted man on the run who’s trying to unearth a conspiracy that could threaten his world.

We also have a preview for the upcoming game Red Steel 2 by Ubisoft. This new first person shooter will put you in control of a deadly swordsman who’s looking to avenges his fallen clan members by killing a rival clan known as the ‘Jackels’. With the aid of the motion plus, you can master combat with your sword and unleash devastating combos in this exciting new title.

Plus that’s not all as we have much more inside with previews inside for Alice in Wonderland, Fragile Dreams, Sonic Collection, Ace Combat, Sports island DS and FIFA World Cup 2010. Along with full review for Might & Magic: Clash of the Heroes, SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 3, Safecracker and Animal Kororo.

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