MMOZine Issue 20

MMOZine Issue 20

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After making a successful transition in to video games everyone’s favourite toy as a child has boldly moved in to the online realm with the upcoming MMO LEGO Universe. And with it set to feature a whole range of creatures, creations and game modes there’s a lot to get excited about! To discover more about this game download this month’s issue and read our huge preview inside.

Plus we review the massive fantasy MMO, Allods Online. The huge Russian MMO has gained worldwide popularity and generally impressed since its release, but can this giant title compete with the best MMOs out there, or will it fall just short? Find out by downloading this issue now.

And to satisfy your MMO game cravings we have much more packed inside with first looks at TERA: The Exiled Realm of Aborea and City of Heroes: Going Rogue. Plus previews for Runes of Magic: Chapter III – The Elder Kingdom and TLBB, along with in-depth reviews for PlanetSide and World of Warcraft 3.3.3. We’ve also got an exclusive interview with developers Cryptic about their new MMO, Star Trek Online.

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