360Zine Issue 42

360Zine Issue 42

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Arcade Racers don’t come much better than this! With devastating power-ups, lighting quick cars and eventful tracks to enjoy, Blur has all the makings of a classic. Inside we have an exclusive hands-on preview of the game’s single player mode that you won’t want to miss.

The sequel has finally arrived and a lots changed in the ten years that have passed since the original. There’s a lot less snow for one thing and the Akrid have grown a lot, lot bigger! Find out whether the latest instalment in the series manages to live up to the high expectations by reading our in-depth review of Lost Planet 2 now.

Plus, we’ve got plenty more inside with a first look at the upcoming zombie killing sequel, Dead Rising 2 along with previews for DarkStar One: Broken Alliance and Two Worlds II. There’s also reviews for Super Street Fighter IV and FIFA World Cup 2010. And just in case you missed it we’ve also attached our exclusive Split/Second Magazine.

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