GamerZines produce monthly magazines in digital format, which are absolutely perfect for in-depth previews, interviews and reviews, where we can show off fullscreen video, high quality images, and various other things that websites aren’t very good at. However, we don’t do news in the magazines, because they’re not really suitable for them (yet), so we wanted to “complete the circle” or some other such nonsense and give our readers up to date news and opinions on the news.

That’s where this blog, along with our Page on Facebook and Twitter feed, come in. This blog allows us to write regular updates on the news or events that interest us.

This blog is maintained by a selection of people:

Dave Taylor, Publishing Director of – a gamer since Phoenix hit his local garage and stole all his pocket money, David has been writing about games since the Amiga and has worked at Future Publishing as Group Publisher and Highbury Publishing as Publishing Director.

Dylan Nelson – Dylan says of himself: “I’ve been a gamer for as long as I can remember – the first game I played was the original Doom. My top three games would have to be Resident Evil 4, The Half Life 2 Saga, and Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island in that order.”

Jon Seddon – Jon says of himself: “I am 37 and have been into video games since my dad first bought a pong clone from his local Radio Rentals. My 3 favourite games of last year were GTA IV, Fallout 3 and Dead Space. I have just finished Bully and Fallout 3 and I am currently playing Battlestations: Pacific, Guitar Hero Metallica, Resident Evil 5, Max Payne, and The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. I like to mix up some old and some new.”

Tom Yeates – Tom says of himself: “I guess I’ve been addicted to games since Doom stole my football and replaced it with a BFG back in 1993. Since then it’s been a breakneck journey filled with space marines, plasma rifles, zombies, tanks and chocobos. My top five games would have to be Final Fantasy VII, Operation Flashpoint, Metal Gear Solid 4, Left 4 Dead and EVE Online.”


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