This is the external blog for GamerZines, the home of free videogames magazines. GamerZines produce professional digital magazines for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, MMOs, Wii, DS and PSP and PC games. They are all available for download from the main site for free, and without registration. They are produced in the PDF format and enhanced with video and multimedia. To read any of the magazines all you need is a copy of Adobe Reader, or a current copy of FoxIt Reader, both free.

GamerZines were started by a team of professional videogames journalists with more than 10 years experience in videogames magazines each. Our aim is to bring the quality of editorial and design from print magazines to the web. We currently produce monthly magazines, all readable on the PC, covering Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, MMO and Wii/DS/PSP.

You can get the latest issues of any or all of the magazines from the main website, or directly, from the section titled “Welcome to GamerZines” at the top right of every of every page on this blog, or directly from the Free videogames magazines page. The links will give you the latest issue without even needing to leave this page or blog. Enjoy!


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