MMOZine Issue 33

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Petroglyph Games new MMO-RTS, End of Nations has our full attention inside this month’s issue, as we have a full and in-depth-preview of the game along with an exclusive interview with the Executive Producer. Plus we check out WildStar, the exciting new MMO that promises big things from publishers NCsoft. We also preview TERA and World of Warcraft’s 4.3 as well as review Might & Magic: Heroes Kingdoms. So, what are you waiting for? Download issue 33 now!

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The Nintendo DS is all set to get the complete classic collection of Sonic the Hedgehog in March 2010. EA CEO John Riccitiello has been talking about the giant publishers plans for the future and it looks as if they have decided to cut down on the number of games they produce a year to achieve better quality. The popular online game Battlefield Heroes has had its pricing restructured, with costs of items and weapons increased upsetting their regular gamers. NCsoft have released a new trailer for their highly anticipated Blade and Soul, the video for the MMO is over 11 minutes long and shows the four playable races along with their additional skills. And if you’re a fan of reality TV then you may be interested in the new game being made by Realmforge called MUD TV, in which you create and manage your very own reality TV show.