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There’s a storm coming, a gaming storm. Over the next few months we’ll be bombarded with some of the finest gaming experiences you’ll have ever seen on your PS3, but while we wait we’ve got a stunning issue lined up for you. We tell you the 7 reasons why you’ll love James Bond: 007 Legends, go hands-on with the stunning Rocksmith, and bring you the latest on Metal Geatr Solid: Ground Zeroes and WWE 13. We were very interested in the Wonderbook, so have expelled a few myths surrounding that and our bumper review line-up contains everything from Pirates to action heroes. Enjoy the issue.

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SouthPeak Games have revealed that their crazy adventure game 3D Dot Game Heroes will be arriving in Europe this May. SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment America) have announced that this December has been the best ever since the consoles launch in 2006, with record sales recorded. Anyone hoping to get their hands on the new Dragon Age DLC – Return To Ostagar will be disappointed as developers Bioware have had to pull the DLC due to technical issues with the content. New post-apocalyptic MMO Fallen Earth has had its second major update this week aimed at improving the games visuals and performance. We’ve got a quick preview for new MMO Star Trek Online up on our site now. And we take a look at whether Modern Warfare 2 has been the victim of its own success, due to recent criticisms of the game spreading all over the internet.

Robert Bowling from Infinity Ward has revealed that Modern Warfare 2 will be getting a DLC sometime next spring on his twitter feed. Developers Codemasters reckon that consumers buy consoles mainly for the on-line multiplaying action rather than the single player campaign mode. There are some great deals to be had on Steam with the on-line company selling Dragon Age: Origins at £22.49 and Batman: Arkham Asylum for £14.99, these deals are only available today though. If your curious to know what the system requirements are for next years huge title Mass Effect 2 then you can find out now as we list the full spec list. And lastly Capcom are releasing a double pack of downloadable games next year including Final Fight and Magic Sword.

Left 4 DeadThere has been a new DLC confirmed for Left 4 Dead titled ‘Crash Course’ which will be out in September. John Riccitiello CEO of developers EA has revealed that there is a new Medal of Honour in development. The Section 8 European Beta has now been confirmed, which you can now sign up to. SEGA have announced that Aliens vs. Predator will be released in February next year. And for fans of the new MMO Champions Online, you can now get a lifetime subscription for just £120.

Call of Juarez DLCVidZone reaches 1 million downloads and 100 million plays after only 8 weeks after being made available on the PS3. Bethesda are set to publish Archer MacLean’s new futuristic racing game ‘Wheelspin‘ for the Wii this autumn. Ubisoft has announced that a Call of Juarez DLC will be made available this Thursday containing new multiplayer maps. Japan are discontinuing the 80GB PS3 this week, leading rumours to the possible arrival of the PS3 Slim. Plus DSi owners can now upload photos to Facebook as upgrade is made available this week.

Fallout 3 takes DLC back to the physical distribution channel

Fallout 3 takes DLC back to the physical distribution channel

Last week, we pondered What is the point of DLC, and this week, DLC (downloadable content, if you’re wondering) got turned on its head as Bethesda decided to publish their first two parts of DLC for Fallout 3 as a Downloadable Content pack. It’s marked up on Amazon as £14.99 and with a release date of May 29th.

Now there’s several things that are interesting about this. Firstly, the price: at £14.99 it will cost you about £1.40 more than if you’d just bought the DLC via Xbox Live. Most people will be unhappy with that, or at least sarcastic, but having been in the business of publishing (albeit physical magazines), I know that there are lots of factors in play that will affect pricing. (more…)

Is it right to pay for a game mode?

Is it right to pay for a game mode?

So today saw the release of the Versus Mode DLC for Resident Evil 5. I don’t think there has been such controversy on downloadable content since Bethesda charged for Horse Armour. It made me wonder exactly what the point was of DLC. Firstly, I don’t think it helps that we refer to it in such a broad way. Downloadable content could mean anything at all. Our magazines for the consoles are all free DLC in that case!

DLC #1: Game patches
This is the original DLC, for PC mainly. With this generation of consoles it has become possible for publishers to patch console games too, and we’ve seen plenty of “Day 1” patches. This raises the question of whether the games should have passed QA at all and gone to manufacture, and whether DLC allows them to release a game before it is finished, knowing they can patch it. (more…)