In a recent survey conducted by it has been revealed that 10,1000 industry professionals believe the Wii will do Worse than the iPhone this year. Capcom’s new fighter Tatsunoko vs Capcom Ultimate All-Stars will apparently feature a small mini shooting game for Wii owners to enjoy. The senior vice president of EA believes that boxed products will remain important for another 20 years, even as the rising trend in digital distribution increases. We have a hands-on preview for the first hours play of Raptures upcoming BioShock 2, where you can read our first thoughts about the game. There’s also a new review up on our site for Army Of Two The 40th Day, which is out this week. Plus you can find out what our top 10 Video Game Openings of 2009 were and view each intro in full.


Army of Two: The 40th DayThe ban on Left 4 Dead 2 in Australia has been appealed by Valve, which will offer hope to any Aussie gamers who wanted to get their hands on the title. Developers EA Montreal have been giving their reasons for not releasing Army of Two: The 40th Day before Christmas, stating it would be silly to compete with Modern Warfare 2. The release date for new point and click game Machinarium by developers Daedalic Entertainment has been confirmed as the 16th of October. And you can now read the 1st part of our exclusive interview with games developer Tim Schafer about his upcoming game Brutal Legend and what his thoughts are on a Psychonauts sequel.

Can we have some servers!

Can we have some servers!

[update] Servers appear to be working now – game officially awesome.

Not sure about you guys, but I was super eager to get home from work today to download this game. An online shooter with the Battlefield 1942 reputation using the Frostbite engine. Don’t tell me that doesn’t sound awsome.

It might well be awsome, but I can only get as far as searching for a game at the moment. Luckily EA have a ticker tape that tells you that someone forgot to tell their infrastructure guys that this was going to be popular. I waited whilst I cooked tea for it to find a game….it didn’t. Come on EA – you aren’t some tiny developer, you’re the second largest publisher in the business.
Post some comments to let everyone know how you’re getting on – I’m strictlybeats if you see me online – send your bullets my way or perhaps join a game.

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