Click on the cover to download this issue of P3Zine for free.

Click on the cover to download this issue of P3Zine for free.

You can download the new issue of P3Zine for free. And in this months issue we have a full and in-depth review for the new and original game – Brutal Legend by famed creator Tim Schafer and his development team Double Fine Productions. Brutal Legend is a 3rd person action game in which you play in a huge heavy metal fantasy world, filled with groupies, angry demons, legendary rock stars, unique musical scenery and one particular roadie called Eddie Riggs. Eddies a man on a mission, to help save the world from evil using his trusty guitar ‘Clementine ‘ and the power of rock!

There’s not much longer to go until the release of Assassins Creed II and we have one last hands-on preview of this highly anticipated sequel before it hits the store shelves.  Alongside this preview we have new and exclusive screens, one of which displays a certain Leonardo Da Vinci,  who’s working in his study preparing a new gadget for Ezio to play with. Plus we managed to have an exclusive 5 page interview with one of the games producers Sebastien Puel, who tells us what to expect from this exciting new title.

That’s not all though as we have first looks at the huge online game MAG, Army of Two: The 40th Day the new sequel to the popular co-op game and The Saboteur which takes place during World War II in Nazi occupied Paris. Then there’s hands-on previews for the eagerly anticipated Modern Warfare 2 and the new turn table game,DJ Hero. As well as full reviews for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, FIFA 10, Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Republic Heroes.

You can download the magazine now and read it whenever you choose, which we would recommend doing because it will look a lot better or if you prefer you can read the magazine directly in your browser.


Guitar Hero 5Developers Activsion have announced that they’ve managed to get huge DJ’s, Daft Punk on board in their new game DJ Hero. In this weeks UK games chart, Guitar Hero 5 has managed to comfortably claim top spot ahead of rival competitors The Beatles: Rock Band. LucasArts are continuing to re-release there back catalogue of popular games on to Steam with Dark forces and Jedi Knight coming out in a combined package this Wednesday. Valve have said that they are looking at ways of making it possible to put user created mods on Xbox Live and for the funds to go to the creator. And lastly it had been confirmed by Activsion that the She-Hulk will be in the upcoming Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 for any fans of the super strong, green lady.

Final Fantasy XIIIThe developers behind the massive Final Fantasy series – Square-Enix are having a huge event in Japan today, which kicks off at 7pm. From which they have just confirmed that the new Final Fantasy XIII game is set to be released in Japan on the 17th of December. We have a small teaser trailer on our site for LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias, the sequel to the popular WiiWare game. And we also have a new Iceman trailer and new in-game screenshots for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 for you to enjoy!

Marvel Ultimate Allliance 2 inclues The Hulk, Spiderman, Iron Man and more

Marvel Ultimate Allliance 2 inclues The Hulk, Spiderman, Iron Man and more

GameTrailers has just published a video of Iron Fist, the latest character to be revealed for the game and the official game site has details on the character. For those who don’t know this character (myself included), the details on Iron Fist reveal he wields a mystic force (is there any other kind?) that basically amps up his cool martial arts skills. While on the site, it’s worth checking out the recent broader game trailer and there’s several things of note.

Firstly, and this requires me to reveal a level of geekiness I’ve previously not chosen to share, the storyline is going to be lifted from Marvel’s Civil War comic series. The trailer is entitled “Road to Civil War”. For those who have better things to do than follow the universe story arcs of Marvel, Civil War is a recent epic that discusses themes of identity and terrorism and it splits the superhero community in two, as a law is passed which requires the heroes to reveal their secret identities. Peter Parker steps up and takes off his mask, while other goes underground. The Civil War of the title erupts between the superheroes and, well, some of them don’t make it. The point is, the subject matter for the sequel is considerably more grown up, and quite serious. While the game is likely to remain a fun beat ‘em up, the back story is, or should be, more than the traditional “save the world” mechanic. It could be interesting indeed to see certain heroes face off against each other.

Secondly, the roster of heroes on offer: the trailer shows the Fantastic Four, The Hulk, Spiderman (of course), Captain America, Iron Man and more. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 looks like it will be giving us the keys to Marvel’s marvellous mansion of superheroes, though it’s not clear which will be playable yet. It will be demanding of the developers to incorporate gameplay mechanics for such a wide variety of superpowers, but it should mean that the game is huge fun to play.