Bioware have confirmed reports that their highly anticipated sequel Mass Effect 2 will get a free launch DLC as soon as its released. The developers of Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow have been busy tweeting about the game and in one post revealed that the PS3 will be the “lead platform” for the upcoming title. It’s finally happened, Modern Warfare 2 has been knocked off number one spot in the UK charts by the Wii’s Just Dance. The BBC iPlayer has had its busiest month since being launched as millions of viewers download the software to view there favourite programmes in December. The iPhone has a new games app today with GTA Chinatown Wars being released for £5.99. And we have a round-up of everything we know about Kane & Lynch 2, plus we also have the first part of our exclusive interview with the games developers IO Interactive.


SouthPeak Games have revealed that their crazy adventure game 3D Dot Game Heroes will be arriving in Europe this May. SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment America) have announced that this December has been the best ever since the consoles launch in 2006, with record sales recorded. Anyone hoping to get their hands on the new Dragon Age DLC – Return To Ostagar will be disappointed as developers Bioware have had to pull the DLC due to technical issues with the content. New post-apocalyptic MMO Fallen Earth has had its second major update this week aimed at improving the games visuals and performance. We’ve got a quick preview for new MMO Star Trek Online up on our site now. And we take a look at whether Modern Warfare 2 has been the victim of its own success, due to recent criticisms of the game spreading all over the internet.

Some old footage of Obsidian’s cancelled Aliens RPG game has been posted on to YouTube giving a glimpse at what the game would have looked like if it was released. It looks as if Fable 3 will feature multiplayer over Xbox Live, this according to certain criteria mentioned on the job page of Lionhead Studios’ website. And the job page also reveals that the famed developers are on the lookout for a games programmer who can help with an unannounced online-enabled title. Rather impressively Modern Warfare 2 has maintained its place at number one in the UK sales chart this week. And as we wait patiently for the arrival of Mass Effect 2 this month it has been revealed that the developers Bioware are already feverishly working on the third instalment as they look to make it a “fairly short turnaround”.

NCsoft the developers of Aion have announced new double XP weekends in a bid to help members level up a little quicker, which has been a major area of complaint from current players. We have an in-depth preview for Heavy Rain’s second major scene – The Mall, again this will contain some spoilers so don’t read if you don’t want to know anything until the games release. Plus we also preview EA Montreal’s new co-op game, Army of Two: The 40th Day. In which we go through all the new changes implemented by the developers in a bid to improve the co-op experience. We also carry on our GamerZines Game Of The Year Awards, as today we look at the best shooting Game of the year. Lastly we have a new trailer for Rockstars upcoming Wild West game Red Dead Redemption, you can watch the narrated trailer here.

SEGA have confirmed that Yakuza 3 will be released in Europe and North America in March 2010 exclusively for the Playstation 3. The last major patch for World of Warcraft: The Fall of the Lich King is now available to download. We take a look at R.U.S.E the new strategy war game by Ubisoft and its impressive zoom capabilities. If your struck on the new Tales of Monkey Island: Rise of the Pirate God instalment then not to fear as we can help you out with our small walkthrough. And we also have a guide for helping you talk to your friends privately on the Xbox 360 in Modern Warfare 2 chat.

A new trailer has been released for next years eagerly anticipated MMO, Guild Wars 2. The trailer previews all 5 playable races in Tyria. R.U.S.E will soon get two new playable factions for the beta, with the inclusion of British and Russians factions. Fans of the horror game Dead Space will be happy to know that there is a sequel on the way, as EA confirm Isaac Clarke is back in action. Developers Southpeak have clarified the release date of Dementium II on the DS. Modern Warfare 2 is still king of the UK charts this week at number one, with FIFA 10 and Assassins Creed II second and third respectively. And in our blog we discuss the battle between the two big war franchises, Call of Duty and Medal of Honour as they go up against each other next year.

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You can download the new issue of P3Zine for free. And in this issue we have a hands-on preview for Heavy Rain the new game by developers SCEE, this upcoming title mixes a variety of genres into one game as you play as four different characters who are all looking for the notorious Origami killer. The gameplay looks to have some original and unique ways of moving around and quicktime events will be used to perform certain actions. Plus the visuals look stunning, with some highly detailed character’s and locations on show, although you can check them out for yourself by viewing our exclusive screens of the game inside. This new title is definitely one to keep an eye out for next year as it looks all set to be a huge hit of 2010

Pandemics new game The Saboteur is due out later this month, the game in which you control Sean Devine an Irishman who’s out for vengeance on the Nazis who killed his friend. This open world game will have you roaming around Paris during World War II helping the local resistance put an end to the Nazis occupying the French capital. You can read more about this game in our full review inside this months issue.

Plus we’ve also got previews for Skate 3, Dead to Rights: Retribution, Star Ocean: The Last Hope International and Just Cause 2. We also have full reviews for Modern Warfare 2, Band Hero and Fairytale Fights. And if that’s not enough we’ve also got an exclusive competition inside, in which you can win yourself a free copy of The Saboteur.

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