We have new footage of Chris Redfield and Sheva in next years DLC for Resident Evil 5, both wearing new costumes and fighting in the new Mercenaries Reunion mode. Developers Activision have refused to comment on whether or not there is a possible Prototype 2 in the works. As the latest class update is released for Team Fortress 2 we go in to detail as to why you should be tempted to pick the demoman as your side in battle. Microsoft seem pretty confident that their upcoming title Halo Reach will be the biggest game of 2010, but we think there are 5 other possible contenders who could challenge for the prestigious title. And in today’s GamerZines Game Of The Year Award we pick out the game with the best story, any guesses?

Is it right to pay for a game mode?

Is it right to pay for a game mode?

So today saw the release of the Versus Mode DLC for Resident Evil 5. I don’t think there has been such controversy on downloadable content since Bethesda charged for Horse Armour. It made me wonder exactly what the point was of DLC. Firstly, I don’t think it helps that we refer to it in such a broad way. Downloadable content could mean anything at all. Our magazines for the consoles are all free DLC in that case!

DLC #1: Game patches
This is the original DLC, for PC mainly. With this generation of consoles it has become possible for publishers to patch console games too, and we’ve seen plenty of “Day 1” patches. This raises the question of whether the games should have passed QA at all and gone to manufacture, and whether DLC allows them to release a game before it is finished, knowing they can patch it. (more…)