Bungie’s creative director Joseph Staten has been talking about the frustration in developing Halo 3: ODST due to the games initial expansion pack beginnings. The new online PS3 game MAG is out this month and we’ve got a list of all the trophies you can win and how to acquire them. The US NPDs have arrived showing the sales figures for the gaming industry last month, and dominating the market was Nintendo with both their Wii and DS consoles. Developers Activision have confirmed that there is a DJ Hero 2 in development. Plus we bring you all the changes and tweaks made to the current character rooster in Super Street Fighter IV. And if you’ve got 5 minutes to spare and you’re a fan of the Final Fantasy series then why not watch the new trailer for the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII.


Sony’s European Blog outlines enhanced Trophy support as elsewhere on the web the major changes coming in firmware 3.0 are discussed.

When the PS3 launched it was obvious that Sony didn’t get Microsoft’s Achievement system or understand that most people that play Xbox 360 games really do “get” Achievements.

Sony are giving European gamers the chance to advertise their gaming prowess. (more…)